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Smart Grid Projects Get a Boost

Yello Strom in Cologne, Germany, has created a user-friendly smart meter called sparzahler.

Electric grids are getting smarter with help from sensors, advanced information technology, and communication networks. Five pilot programs around the nation show us how.

Energy Spotlight10

Options for Solar Power at Home

A brief overview of ways you can use solar power at home.

Pros and Cons of Solar Power for Home Use

Pros and cons of photovoltaics and solar power for home use

Credit for Solar Water Heating

September 2012 Energy Conferences

Listing of energy conferences scheduled for September 2012.

Where Can I Get Electricity?

U.S. homeowners may consume electricity from four general sources, depending on where and how they live.

Solar Water Heating Systems for Homes

An introduction to solar water heating systems for residential (domestic) use.

Solar Collectors for Residential Hot Water

Solar Collectors for Residential Hot Water

What is Dilbit?

Brief explanation of dilbit

Introduction to Biodiesel

Guest author Dr. Amit Sarin provides a brief introduction to biodiesel.

Five Cooperatives That Provide Electricity to Communities Nationwide

Profiles of 5 electric cooperatives that provide electricity to communities across the country.

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