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Tiny Solar, Big Excitement

Sunday January 29, 2012
Research into small-scale solar energy applications is yielding big results, as seen in two recent advances: A smart phone screen with embedded thin-film hydrogenated amorphous silicon solar technology can capture wasted ... Read More

Practices Improve Shale Gas Production

Saturday January 21, 2012
Industry has been identifying practices that enhance safety and reduce the impact of gas shale production operations, such as: isolating and protecting potential spill areas monitoring and preventing methane leaks cementing wells carefully recycling ... Read More

Fracking Sand in Short Supply

Sunday January 15, 2012
The busy U.S. gas shale industry now faces a shortage in fracking sand, which in turn has spurred new mining activity and a shortage in rail car capacity. What is fracking ... Read More

Upcoming Energy Conferences and Career Opportunities

Thursday January 5, 2012
Hosted in locales from Mexico to Minnesota, upcoming energy conferences will expand your knowledge and could offer networking opportunities that boost your career. Check out these February 2012 conferences and expos ... Read More

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