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Power Generation and Storage

Energy can be generated from solar power, wind power, geothermal resources, biofuels, nuclear generation, and fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas. Batteries can store power; fuel cells can both store and generate electricity.
  1. Batteries & Energy Storage (3)
  2. Biofuels and Biomass (4)
  3. Fossil Fuels (32)
  4. Hydrogen, Fuel Cell, and Alternative (3)
  5. Nuclear (13)
  6. Renewables (Solar, Wind, etc.) (52)

Power Sources
Power Sources - Fossil fuels, renewable energy, and other energy resources for power generation.

6 Sources of Electric Energy
Electricity is energy that has been harnessed and refined from a wide range of sources and is suitable for diverse uses. Here are six of those sources.

Case Studies Compare Energy Mix for a Low-Carbon Future
These European case studies from PE International GmbH examine how renewables and fossil fuels could factor into achieving "zero carbon" emissions in the coming years.

Global Energy Statistics - IEA
This 82-page report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) offers global statistics on energy supply, transformation, consumption, prices, and more.

World Energy Outlook
Updated annually, World Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency (IEA) provides projections and analysis of fossil fuels, renewables, greenhouse gas emissions, and the path to a sustainable future.

Annual Energy Review Statistics - US Energy Information Administration
The Annual Energy Review (AER) is a report created by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) that provides statistics concerning energy production, consumption, and trade, covering petroleum, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear energy, renewable energy, financial and environmental indicators, and data unit conversion tables.

What is Electricity and How is It Generated?
A simple introduction to the creation and generation of electricity, which is the flow of electrons.

What is Heat Energy?
A brief explanation of units of heat and the difference between heat and temperature.

What is a Kilowatt Hour (KWH)?
A basic introduction to the kilowatt hour.

What is Electrical Current?
A basic introduction to the meaning of electrical current.

History of Electricity - A Timeline
The history of electricity goes back to 600 B.C., but the term "electricity" wasn't coined for another 2,200 years.

Q&A With Pellet Stove Owner
Get a homeowner's thoughts on owning and using a pellet stove for heat.

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