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Glossary of Energy Terms

This glossary explains terms that are commonly used in the energy industry, covering power generation, fuel exploration, electricity transmission, power distribution, and more.
  1. U.S. Energy Law Glossary (8)
  2. U.S. Energy Regulatory Agencies (4)

Electricity Terms from US Energy Information Administration
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) compiled terms used in the generation, distribution, and transmission of electricity.

Terms for Electric Utility Personnel - UMA APDA
The American Power Dispatchers Association (APDA), Upper Midwest Area (UMA) chapter, compiled terms used by electric utility personnel.

What is Criticality in a Nuclear Power Plant?
A brief definition of the term "criticality" as it is used in nuclear energy.

What is "Wet" Natural Gas?
Does wet natural gas have water in it?

Coal Mining Terms - Kentucky Mining Institute
The Kentucky Mining Institute compiled these coal mining terms.

Energy Abbreviations
A brief glossary of abbreviations that express the amount of energy contained in fuel.

What is an energy auditor?
An energy auditor is a professional who has been trained to test and rate the energy efficiency of a building and its systems.

What is Fracking Sand?
Definition of fracking sand and proppants used in shale gas production.

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking, or Fraccing)
Natural gas drillers use hydraulic fracturing techniques.

Technical Glossary of Coal - Energy Publishing LLC
Energy Publishing LLC compiled these terms used in coal production.

Smart Grid
Explanation of smart grids.

Energy Integration
Description of energy integration.

What is Produced Water
A definition of produced water.

Dynamic Pricing of Electricity
Dynamic pricing allows electric prices to vary on a continual basis.

How Big is a Barrel of Oil?
Answers the question: How big is a barrel of oil?

Windfall Profits Tax for the Oil Industry
Windfall Profits Tax for the Oil Industry

Description of synchrophasors that allow time-stamped energy measurements to optimize electric power grid operation.

What is a Blower Door Test?
What is a blower door test?

RESNET HERS Rating System - Energy Ratings that Rank Building Energy Efficiency
RESNET HERS Rating - A system that rates energy efficiency

Advanced Metering Infrastructure - AMI
Advanced metering infrastructures (AMI) allow 2-way communication between smart meters and energy management systems.

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