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Smart Meters Also Pose Challenges


Old analog electric meter and new smart meter - before and after.

Old, analog meters (left) are being replaced with new, digital smart meters (right).

(c) W.L. Sunshine

All technology has its advantages and drawbacks; while smart meters have their benefits, they also present challenges to electric utilities, customers, and the environment.


Smart meters present these challenges to the electric company...

  • Transitioning to new technology and processes
  • Managing public reaction and customer acceptance of the new meters
  • Making a long-term financial commitment to the new metering technology and related software
  • Managing and storing vast quantities of metering data
  • Ensuring the security of metering data

Smart meters pose these challenges to consumers...

  • Verifying that the new meter is accurate
  • Protecting the privacy of their personal data
  • Paying additional fees for the new meter

Smart meters pose these challenges to the environment...

  • If consumers continue to use more and more electricity, it would negate the projected environmental benefits
  • Disposal of the old meters
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