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Energy Operations

The operation of facilities for producing fuel and generating electricity has many aspects. Fuel production can require mining, drilling, refining, and exploration. Power plant operation requires equipment maintenance, facility automation, personnel management, safety procedures, and reliability optimization. Environmental impact assessment and waste handling procedures may also be needed for energy exploration, development, and distribution.
  1. Automation (1)
  2. Coal Mining (2)
  3. Drilling & Production (14)
  4. Environmental Impact (5)
  5. Equipment (1)
  6. Exploration (1)
  7. Maintenance (3)
  8. Refining and Petrochemicals (1)
  9. Safety and Personnel (3)
  10. Waste Management (2)

Best Management Practices for Shale Gas Industry - Air & Water
Best Management Practices for Shale Gas Industry - Air & Water

Aging Workforce Creates Job Opportunities in Energy
Retiring energy workers will need to be replaced; labor shortages expected.

Keeping Voltage Steady to Protect Equipment and Installations - Report from UIE
Voltage dips can disrupt equipment and installation operations. A report from the International Union for Electricity Applications (UIE) covers voltage dip immunity issues.

North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is responsible for reliability standards affecting bulk electric power. NERC assists, monitors, and educates electric operations in the U.S. and Canada.

Electric Grid Operators & Organizations - ISO/RTO Council
A group of ten independent electric system operators (ISOs) and regional electric transmission organizations (RTOs) joined forces to establish the ISO/RTO Council (IRC). Collectively, the members of this industry association are responsible for the electric grids that serve the majority of U.S. and Canadian electricity consumers.

Carbon Sequestration
This page from About.com's geology guide explains the basics of carbon sequestration. It also mentions how carbon dioxide (CO2) is used in drilling operations.

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