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September 2012 Energy Conferences


Learn more about energy conferences scheduled for September:

Sept. 5-6 Texas Offshore Wind Energy Roundtable (TOWER) & Offshore Wind Law (OWL) Conference, Houston, Texas

The conference is hosted by the Houston office of the German American Chamber of Commerce. TOWER & OWL attracts wind energy industry leaders and experts from Texas, from other U.S. states and Europe to discuss the latest developments in the Texas offshore wind market and to network with players in the offshore industry operating in the Gulf Coast region. The program will address the state of the industry globally and locally and will feature turbine showcases, installation, ports and infrastructure, offshore wind law, environmental issues and finance and insurance topics.

Sept. 6-8 Petrocultures: Oil, Energy, Culture, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Petrocultures, held on the campus of the University of Alberta, is a gathering of scholars, writers, filmmakers and artists from around the world who are engaged in exploring the social and cultural dimensions and impacts of oil and energy. The conference takes a scholarly look at a wide range of sociological, political and environmental issues related to the exploitation of natural resources, particularly petroleum.

Sept. 10-13 Solar Power International 12, Orlando, Florida

With participants expected to number 21,000, SPI is billed as the largest solar energy industry event in North America. President Bill Clinton will deliver the keynote address on the challenges of globalization. Participants will choose from professional development workshops on a wide range topics including finance, grid integration, installation safety, warranties, building and electrical codes and permitting, markets, policy and technology.

Sept. 11-13 Managing Regulatory and Legal Issues in Shale Plays, Houston, Texas

With the rush to get involved in shale plays and with legislation and regulations governing these resources evolving, it's important to know and comply with shifting regulations. Managing Regulatory and Legal Issues in Shale Plays offers participants a review of new legislation affecting shale plays and will provide instruction on creating contracts that reduce the risk of liability regarding shale plays.

Sept. 18-20 Utility Analytics Week, Arlington, Texas

Analytics, which utilities have depended on for decades, are undergoing a revolution. It's not just about proper analysis of the numbers, it's about understanding what the numbers mean for the future. Utility Analytics Week attracts utility professionals, thought leaders, expert speakers and top solutions providers. The event offers a platform for seeking advice and sharing ideas for implementing strategies, as well as for collaboration and networking. The curriculum includes customer analytics, grid analytics and analytics business infrastructure.

Sept. 19-20 South Texas Oilfield Expo, Corpus Christi, Texas

This industry-only event offers maximum participant relevance, providing a venue for key representatives from all parts of the industry to meet and transact business, demonstrate and discuss the latest techniques and technological developments, and learn about important issues and concerns that affect the state of oil and gas in the Gulf region.

Sept. 29-30 Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair, Fredericksburg, Texas

The Roundup is a two-day family oriented educational and entertainment event and is described as the largest "green show" in the South. The event offers two days of exhibits and demonstrations, dozens of seminars and lectures on renewable energy, green building, transportation and sustainability practices. The roundup features learning activities for children.

Sept. 30-Oct. 3 Geothermal Resources Council 36th Annual Meeting and Geothermal Energy Association Trade Show, Reno, Nevada

Leading voices and minds of the geothermal industry from all over the world, will gather at Peppermill Resort Spa, which is said to be the "only resort in the United States with a heating source totally provided from geothermal energy produced on the immediate property." Technical sessions cover a wide range of topics including geology, exploration, resource assessment, reservoir management, enhanced geothermal systems, heat pumps, power operations, regulatory/environmental issues, as well as case studies and other relevant issues. Activities include field trips to geothermal sites, golf, a photo competition, and a banquet at the National Automobile Museum. The Geothermal Energy Expo features vendors showcasing projects, equipment, services and state-of-the-art geothermal technology.

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