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Electric Utilities

Utilities are companies that generate, sell, distribute, and transmit electricity to customers. Electric utilities can be privately or publicly owned, but are all subject to government regulation.
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U.S. homeowners may consume electricity from four general sources, depending...
U.S. homeowners may consume electricity from four general sources, depending on where and how they live.

How Electric Cooperatives Differ From Commercial Utilities
A look at the development of electric cooperatives and how they differ from commercial utilities.

Five Cooperatives That Provide Electricity to Communities Nationwide
Profiles of 5 electric cooperatives that provide electricity to communities across the country.

UIE Explains Electric Load Management for Industry
The International Union for Electricity Applications (UIE) has put together a free eBook on load management in industry, covering basic concepts, costs, transmission and distribution impacts, and case studies.

Types of Electric Utilities - EIA
Scroll down this Web page from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) to read details about different types of traditional electric utilities: investor-owned, public-owned, and cooperative. This page also explains the difference between watt and watthour.

Fuels Used by Electric Utilities - Pie Chart from EIA
The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) put together this pie chart to illustrate the percentage of fuels used by electric utilities.

Highlights and Statistics for Investor-Owned Electric Utilities - EEI
The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) put together these highlights and statistics reflecting its member companies, which are shareholder-owned electric utilities.

Labor Shortage at Electric Utilities - DOE Report to Congress
This report issued by the U.S. Department of Energy for Congress says that the electric utility industry faces a critical shortage of both electrical lineworkers and electric power and transmission engineers.

Energy Industry Trends
An introduction to trends in the energy industry.

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