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Energy Industry Trends


Learn more about trends, opportunities, and issues that affect the energy, electric, and power industries.
  1. Energy Efficiency and Alternative Vehicles
  2. Modernizing the Electric Grid
  3. Integrating Multiple Energy Resources
  1. Natural Gas Shale Drilling Boom
  2. Jobs, Careers, and Training
  3. Funding and Financing

Energy Efficiency and Alternative Vehicles

Diagram of a proposed hybrid electric vehicle.

Reducing consumption brings the best return on energy investments, say experts. Meanwhile, a new generation of transportation is arriving. Hybrids run on multiple fuel or power sources; electric cars (also known as electric vehicles, or EVs) run entirely on electricity stored in batteries.

Modernizing the Electric Grid

Visual representation of a smart grid.

Electric networks are being transformed into "smart grids" through digital automation and electronics, such as smart meters.

Integrating Multiple Energy Resources

Diagram of Integrated Renewable and Distributed Energy Systems

The energy industry is finding ways to connect and integrate diverse power sources across large and small networks.

Natural Gas Shale Drilling Boom

Natural gas pipeline caution sign in Texas Barnett Shale

Drillers are tapping natural gas from the Barnett Shale, Marcellus Shale, Haynesville Shale, and other domestic reserves.

Jobs, Careers, and Training

Photo of energy worker

The industry needs workers in power generation, transmission, distribution, delivery, research, government regulation, and more. Attending training and professional conferences can help you maintain expertise and network in your field.

Funding and Financing

U.S. currency photo

Money drives energy development, technology commercialization, and adoption in the marketplace.

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