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How to Build a Wind Farm


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Thinking About Building a Wind Farm?
Photo of a wind farm.

A collection of installed wind turbines make up a wind farm.

Photo (c) www.eere-pmc.energy.gov

Wind is a free fuel. It’s blowing around for anyone to harness.

What’s more, wind power is sustainable energy with impressive environmental benefits. In just the U.S. alone, wind power prevents the release of about 62 million tons of greenhouse gases and conserves 20 billion gallons of water annually.

Capturing wind on a large scale requires a wind farm, a collection of specially-designed wind turbines positioned across the landscape, or ocean, where the winds are steady and strong. Wind turbines have multiple blades, which are set high on towers, that spin in the breeze and harvest power.

Industry experts say the U.S. has enough wind resources to effectively double its current wind generation capacity.

Why aren’t there more wind farms?

Potential obstacles to building wind farms include public controversy over the placement of the wind turbines, permitting challenges, financing concerns, and technical issues, such as the need for infrastructure to transmit the power to the electrical grid that serves customers.

The first step in planning a wind farm is to find a good location.

KEEP IN MIND: Be sure to hire qualified experts to assist you with each step in this process.

This article is not intended as legal or business advice.

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